Circle of Deception

Urban Fiction, 2015.

Megan Marie Cardoza is a twenty-six-year-old media CEO with a less-than-impressive personal life. When Meg's best friend, Emily, returns to town, she and Meg's siblings shake things to the core.

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Mixing Business and Pleasure

Urban Fiction, 2015

After his past bad relationship, twenty-nine-year-old, newly promoted, record label CEO Jackson Whitmore vows never to love again. With his best friend...

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‘As a writer, I tend to throw so much of my quirky personality into my characters. ’

All About M. Skye

Writing has been a passion of mine since I was a teenager, but I’ve only recently gotten into doing it in a professional sense. As a writer, I tend to throw so much of my quirky personality into my characters. My stories are all fictional, of course, but every story has some parts of things that have actually happened in my life. I love to test the waters in my writing. Whether it’s the crazy things they say or the racy romantic encounters, I like to push it to the edge to leave my readers wanting more. In my books or my projects, as I like to call them, I like to show a strong sense of family and togetherness for the most part. Coming from a large family that supports each other has served me well in my writing because I like to believe the bonds my characters have are actually believable, you can tell they really love one another. Choosing the type of writer I wanted to be wasn’t a decision I made lightly. I had so many factors that led me to where I am now. At first, I was hesitant about putting all of my crazy ideas out there for everyone to judge.

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Very well written love it!!!!! shows how someone you know and consider your friend can be another person all together had me from being to end it showed success or the lack there of can turn to evil jealously enjoyed the interactions between Characters looking forward to more from you M.Syke. Great new author in the making !!!!’



Circle of Deception had twists in the storyline throughout the book making the book hard to put down once you start. From the beginning when family and friends trick friends.

Misty Iputi

Author M. Skye keeps us in exhilarating suspense as we experience their story. She delivers a steaming hot romance filled with emotion, passion and mystery. I highly recommend it and eagerly await more from Skye!.

Ally McMahon

Delivering a book you simply could not skip directly to the end, but a book you will want to read every page and not miss one word. I can’t wait to read more from this author!

J. Summer

This book isn't only a highly detailed emotional roller coaster, it's a masterpiece that catches your attention and keeps from cover to cover.

Doc Holiday